Dingli JCPT2223 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift

Self-propelled Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts

The Full Electric powered Dingli JCPT 2223 DC is a high capacity rough terrain aerial platform that is ideal for a wide range of construction tasks with more environmental protection with pure electric drive

It has a maximum working height of 22m platform capacity of 750kg. The 8m2 platform area increases to 11.7m2 with a two-metre extension.

Product Highlights

● Pure electric drive, no noise, zero emission, energy saving and environmental protection

● 630Ah high-capacity battery pack, can last for more than 8 hours when fully charged, with long battery life

● The maximum working height is 22m, multi-people can work at the same time

● The whole can drive normally when full loading of 750kg at full height

● 4.59m*2.25m large working platform, 2.7m one-key extension platform, can stop at any point

● Ground clearance up to 0.4m, strong passability

● 4x4 drive and steer, turning radius 1.25m/3.4m, great flexibility

● One-key leveling function, automatic leveling, safe and stable

Dingli JCPT2223 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift
Dingli JCPT2223 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift
Dingli JCPT2223 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift

Working Height

22 m

Max. Platform Height

20 m

Safe Working Load

750 kgs


3.86 m

Length x Width

4.95 x 2.46 m


13400 kgs



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